The best way to get rid of acne is to prevent it from ever forming. After all, acne that never comes is acne you will not have to treat later. There are a lot of good methods for preventing acne, and I believe that most acne can be prevented by following these techniques and strategies.

Start With Cleaning the Skin

Clean skin is necessary to prevent acne. As much as people like to say that their acne is the result of some uncontrollable cause, the physical process through which acne forms still exists. The pores need to become at least partially blocked and the P. acnes bacteria must be able to replicate enough times to form acne.


While some people do indeed produce more sebum than others and as a result their pores become blocked more easily, they still have to become blocked. As a result, acne can be prevented and reduced by keeping the pores as clean as possible.

Use of a proper cleanser, face wash, and benzoyl peroxide treatment is essential for reducing acne in this manner. The first two will help keep the pores clear and the benzoyl peroxide will keep bacteria counts down to prevent the acne from forming.

However, these alone may not be enough to completely eliminate acne – a good hygiene program will significantly reduce acne though.

Weight Loss

If you are overweight and want to get rid of acne, drop the weight. Carrying extra body fat wrecks havoc on the body’s processes as you likely already know. The skin and acne is not spared from the side effects of obesity (and even being just overweight).

Carrying extra body fat means more inflammation, and more inflammation means more acne. White blood cells flock to fat cells to help combat tiny infections that commonly occur on the edges of swollen adipose cells. This increase in inflammation not only causes artery diseases and plaque build up but can also make the overweight person more susceptible to acne.

Carrying extra body fat means more sweating too. Sweat causes acne – this should not come to a surprise to anyone who sweats regularly and gets forehead acne.

Reduce Sweating

Speaking of sweat, a good way to prevent acne is to prevent sweating. In addition to running the air conditioner, losing weight, and wearing weather-appropriate clothes, consider drinking a lot of ice water. The actual cool temperatures of ice water can rapidly cool the body down when you drink it.

The heat from your body will rapidly warm up the ingested ice water. This excess heat will warm the ice water up to warm temperature but also cool the body down slightly in the process. Hydrate with ice water to help keep the body cool and reduce sweating all day long.

These steps can be all you need to get rid of acne in a simple yet effect and cost efficient manner.

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